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The Murphy Family has been growing potatoes since their arrival from Ireland on PEI in the early 1800’s. Charles and his wife Wilhelmena purchased the sixth generation farm from the family in 1972.

Murphy’s Seed Potatoes was incorporated in 1995. Sons Randy and Francis have since become part of the family business and have contributed to its progression. The farm employs up to 12 people for the planting, growing and harvest season. Murphy’s Seed Potatoes is located south east of Charlottetown on the China Point Road.

picture of Charles as a baby on the farm A picture of Charles as a teenager on the PEI farm A picture showing Murphy's Potatoes history Prince Edward Island farm photo Showing how Murphy's farm dug their plots Prince Edward Potatoes growing in field Planting potatoes with Murphy's Seed Potatoes Roughing potatoes in Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island grain field PEI topping potatoes 2001 Clearing snow off barn roof at Murphy's Seed Potatoes beautiful photo of potato field New potatoes in potato field beautiful photo of Murphy’s Seed Potatoes farm view PEI island flower garden PEI island flower garden PEI island flower garden Photo of family dog on the Murphy’s farm Photo of Murphy’s Seed Potato farm mailbox PEI island flower garden PEI island flower garden This is where your potatoes could be coming from! Please support local farmers

More about the farm

Murphy's Seed Potatoes is a producer of quality potato seed and grain for the North American market. We are located on Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada.

We are farmers and believe that farmers are the real, true environmentalists. We use the sun, rain, air and the soil together with added nutrients and know how to produce products which eventually end up as human food.

We invite you to come and view our farming operations during the growing season and to visit our storages at harvest. We grow our product in a sustainable fashion using all of the modern technology available melded with the ancient know how of our ancestors.

Visit our web site for regular updates of What's New at Murphy's Seed Potatoes and contact us to place your seed order for the upcoming growing season.

Why choose PEI potatoes?

The combination of rich soil, generations of know how and good location allows for the production of good quality seed. We take great pride in the quality of seed produced on our farm in terms of virus levels, tuber appearance and customer satisfaction.

We have a proven track record of providing top quality seed potatoes and some of our customers have been coming back for several decades. Our best sales strength is our potatoes growing on your farm. You’ll marvel at the seeds' vigor. A comparison test will prove to you that our seed has added vigor. Many of our regular customers started by trying a couple of loads in a field and watching them perform better than the rest of the field after the initial year. Good business sense keeps our customers coming back.

beautiful photo of Murphy’s Seed Potatoes farm view

Charles & His wife Wilhelmena center, Randy on the right, Francis on the left

China Point Road
PEI, Canada

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